Create mode, create mask etc...

Milivoj Ivkovic mi at
Thu Aug 27 07:43:52 GMT 1998

I had no luck with my previous post, so I try again:

Would someone please help me with the "create mode/mask" settings and/or
others if needed, or point me to some docs. In the following 2 examples, I
cannot find the correct settings:

I use the [netlogon] share, and edit logon scripts there from my Windows
machine. The group gets set to my user name's group (mi), execute by others
is not set, and I'm the only one for whom logon scripts are executed.

What are the correct settings for this?

A different case, probably also very classical, is the web server's share:

It should be readable and executable by everybody, and writable by the
@webmasters only.

How do I control the owner and group of a changed/created file, so it is
not the individual user?

Thanks for any help.


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