Slow performance..

Michael Anthon anthonm at
Thu Aug 27 07:09:45 GMT 1998

Here is my situation...

P133, 64M RAM, Advansys SCSI card
2 x 3.2 G and 2 x 6.4G drives
Kingston 10/100 Ethernet card (running at 10M)
RedHat Linux 5.1 
samba 1.9.18p10

P233/MMX, 64M RAM 
6.4G IDE Drive
RTL8029 Network card (10M UTP)
Windows 98

Here is my problem.... accessing the samba server is a lot slower that I
would expect.  I am currently getting about 230k/s writing to the server
and about 550k/s reading from to the server.  The client and the server
as well as an NT server are all on the one 10M hub.  Writing to and
reading from the NT server hoots along at about 900k/s.  Admittedly, the
NT server is a better machine (PII/333, 512M RAM), but the figures given
in the speed.txt file indicates that a DX2/66 is getting better speed
than my P133.

I have read through the various howto and other files available but
can't find anything that seems to make any difference to this

Any ideas on what I can try ?

Michael Anthon

TAMS Systems

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