Printing NT to Linux w\Cannon bjc-4000

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Thank you. The raw gave exactly the same output as the lp2, but the QMS
ColorScript 1000 Level 2 printed an NT test page just fine.  It would be
easy for Bill to include a dirver that simply said PostScript, wouldn't


acli at wrote:

> In article <35E3832A.259D8EBC at> you write:
> >I am able to see my printer as a share.  Well better put, I see four
> >representations of my printer: ascii, lp2, lp-mono, and raw.  I tried
> >the naive thing and just  selected lp2 and added the cannon bjc 4000
> >driver for NT.  This didn't work.  I get an error report:
> >%%[ Error: undefined; offending Command: K ]%% . . . a bunch of strings
> >that I don't understand.  This does not look like the typical ps code
> >dump that I have seen before.  Is there an easy answer?  I'm using
> >S.u.S.E.  Linux 5.2 with the PS filter gadget that is provided with the
> >distribution.
> This looks like lp2 is a PostScript RIP and you are passing non-PostScript
> data through it (Canon BJC4000 is ESCP/2 IIRC). Try the "raw" queue instead.
> You can, of course, also try some colour (or non-colour) PostScript device
> driver. The QMS colour printer drivers probably will work.
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