Winpoopup via ppp

Tony N tonynich at
Thu Aug 27 01:01:17 GMT 1998

A short time ago I wrote regarding browsing a network from a remote site 
connected via Windows 95 ppp - and recieved help - thank you. I enabled 
WINS on the server and pointed the Win95 Network WINS setting to that IP 

Now... is there a way to get winpopup to send/recieve messages via that 
same connection. At the moment, this happens:-

1) I am warned that Netware can only handle 39 charactors. I am not 
using any netware protocols.
2) If I then attempt to send a short (< 39 chars) I am told that 
winpopup can't find the machine. It is visable via network 

I am using samba 1.9.18p8, on a SCO5 box.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Tony Nichols
tnichols at
tonynich at

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