NT timestamps, WINS lookup

Adam Wiggins adam at angel.com
Wed Aug 26 02:36:40 GMT 1998

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Matthew Chapman wrote:
> > Two questions.  First, timestamps seem to be getting screwed up when I
> > access files on the company's NT server.  Someone (using NT) creates some
> > files.  My ls -l output shows them as having screwed up dates (ie, 1935,
> > 2027, etc).  95, 98, and NT users see the dates as normal.  When I copy
> > any files with cp, the dates change for me, although remain nonsensical,
> > but now the timestamp is also nonsensical for all the Win* users.  This
> > does not happen when I create, access, or modify files on someone's 95 or
> > 98 drive.
> Do you mean that this happens when you are mounting an NT share with
> smbmount? What kernel version?

Yes.  To be clearer:

When I mount a W95/98 drive and create or modify files, everything is

When I mount an NT drive and create, modify, or read files (as in, copying
them from the NT drive to my own local drive), the dates go crazy.

Our sysadmin tells me the NT system is NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Eddition,
service pack 3.

My kernel is 2.0.33.  I tried to go to 2.0.35, but it screws up some of my
plug-n-play devices and keeps me from running X, which I need for my work.

> > Second, is there a way to get smbmount to use WINS?  Currently I'm
> > manually specifying IP numbers when I want to mount a drive, as follows:
> No, unless you want to add this functionality yourself there is no
> provision for WINS in smbfs. The only way you can avoid specifying IP
> numbers is to add those hosts to /etc/hosts.

Doh!  Don't have time for that right at the moment, in the meantime I put
my pitiful script coding abilities to work and came up with the following:

smbmount //$1/c ~/mnt -n -I `smbclient -L $1 | grep 'Got a positive' | sed "/Got a positive name query response from x.x.x.x ( /s///" | sed "/ )/s///"`

Replace x.x.x.x with your WINS IP address.

Is it just me, or is WINS slow as tar? *grumble*

Thanks for the info.


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