One Domain over two or more segments

L. Marcel BARRERO M. barrero at
Tue Aug 25 22:10:16 GMT 1998


  I'm having trouble here when setting up my NETBIOS domain.

  It must cover two or three Ethernet segments. My configuration is like
this one:

+----+----------+-------+   1st seg
 		|  Linux  |
	        |  Gated  |
		|  Samba  |
		  	  +---------------+------+   2nd seg

  As you can see, the router is a linux box, running gated, and samba is
on it. 

  My domain must cover both segments, but Windows hosts can only see the
computers that are in the same segment. What can i do? 

  Is there some kind of configuration with samba? gated? or windows?

  Thank you very much for any help you can give me....

		Marcel BARRERO

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