NT timestamps; WINS lookup

Adam Wiggins adam at angel.com
Tue Aug 25 18:25:05 GMT 1998

Two questions.  First, timestamps seem to be getting screwed up when I
access files on the company's NT server.  Someone (using NT) creates some
files.  My ls -l output shows them as having screwed up dates (ie, 1935,
2027, etc).  95, 98, and NT users see the dates as normal.  When I copy
any files with cp, the dates change for me, although remain nonsensical,
but now the timestamp is also nonsensical for all the Win* users.  This
does not happen when I create, access, or modify files on someone's 95 or
98 drive.

Second, is there a way to get smbmount to use WINS?  Currently I'm
manually specifying IP numbers when I want to mount a drive, as follows:

ea:~> smbmount //mudd/c mnt -n
mudd: unknown host
        The -I option may be useful.
ea:~> smbclient -L mudd
Added interface ip= bcast=
Got a positive name query response from ( )
ea:~> smbmount //mudd/c mnt -n -I
ea:~> cd mnt
ea:~/mnt> ls
[drive is correctly mounted]

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