Need %o in passwd chat

Jean-Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Tue Aug 25 12:02:08 GMT 1998

On Tue, 25 Aug 1998, Rainer Hauck wrote:

> Hi,
> I've encountered the following problem: I set up a passwd chat which
> seems to be working correctly. Obviously samba doesn't send the old
> passwd (even if told so by %o) to the local passwd program. This is
> explained by something like 'we're running as root, we don't need the
> old password'. The problem is: In our environment I do need the old
> password even if running as root. My question is:
> Is there a way to provide my passwd program with the old password??

No, because Windows 95 doesn't send the old password in clear-text form,
so samba doesn't have it.

You have to find a passwd program able to change the password with the old
one as running as root.

Take a look on


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