Locking Problems with Tracker 97

David Bullock davidb at loftuscomp.com.au
Tue Aug 25 04:45:51 GMT 1998

We have encountered a locking problem with multi-user
Tracker 97 against Tracker data files on a Samba server.

I do not believe it is related to erroneous smb.conf

If two separate users attempt to edit the same record,
Tracker refuses the second request if a Win95 server
or NT server is used, but allows the second request if
a Samba server is used.

Subsequently, the data files under Samba become

We have tried various versions of Samba including
1.9.18p8 with and without FAST_SHARE_MODES,
and they all seem to exhibit the same problem.

Preliminary debugging shows lots of fcntl_lock calls
being performed on zero length files such as MXZD.LCK.

The locks being applied at the Unix level are all read
locks (non exclusive - so that they are all allowed).

The offsets in many cases are (in hex) fffd0000 and 
fffe0000, so that the top two bits are set.  The samba
source code (1.9.17p2 I was using for debugging)
includes some code which looks suspiciously as if it
might not cope well with these offsets (and so does

Is anyone using multiuser Tracker 97 without problems?

Does anyone have some insight into the meaning of 
these weird offsets?  I need to understand more about it
before I can work out what is going on.

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

David Bullock
Loftus Computing Services
Adelaide, South Australia 

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