/etc/printcap for samba-shared printer...

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at hub.org
Tue Aug 25 04:15:17 GMT 1998


	Just spent this evening getting printing setup off my FreeBSD
machine (oh, how I love Solaris at these times *groan*)...got it now so
that I can print directly from Netscape, color and graphics and all.

	The printer is an HP 560c.

	Now, I want to be able to print from my Windoze95 machine, and
have samba setup for that, as well as file sharing.  If I setup my Windoze
machine such that my printer is \\thelab\deskjet, which is the same
printer (in /etc/printcap) that I use for Netscape under Unix, the test
page gets sent across, but it isn't correct (graphic is all skewed).

	I'm figuring that there is something different that I must do with
my printcap for a samba-shared printer vs local, but looking through the
archives, can't find anything other then "use samba", so I ask here.

	My current entry is:

deskjet:ps:PS:S:lp:HP DeskJet Printer:\

	The if filter is the /usr/share/examples/hpif file, for piping
postscript through ghostscript.

	On the Windoze side, I have the HP 560c drivers loaded, and a
friend mentioned something about just wanted to pass it through straight,
but getting rid of the if= line doesn't appear to help, so that's not
doing it right :(

	What am I overlooking?


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