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Mon Aug 24 18:51:47 GMT 1998

When the world was young, Eric Melville carved some runes like this:

> From: Eric Melville <m_thrope at>
> Subject: passwords
> could someone please give me the lowdown on samba and passwords? i keep
> trying to connect to any share name on either of my unix boxes, either
> from each other or from a win95 machine... every time i can't get anything
> due to passwords... does samba have it's own password file? from
> trial-and-error it seems that it doesn't read out your /etc/passwd file
> for user's home dirs...

Samba can do both clear-text and encrypted passwords.  To use the 
former, you need to put the EnableClearTextPassword key in the 
windoze registry (see win95.txt and winNT.txt in the samba docs).

To do the latter, you need to compile samba to use the encrypted 
passwords (see encryption.txt).  In this case, samba will make it's 
own smbpasswd file, and you have to use the samba passwd tools.

Hope this helps, Steve

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