ERRDOS - 50 when restoring a tar file

Jaap van Milgen jaap at
Mon Aug 24 09:51:07 GMT 1998

A collegue of mine has problems restoring files that are created with
smbtar.  I also tried it (using smbclient -T) and encountered the same
problem.  The tar file can be restored on unix without problem, but
restoring them on a PC results in the following error messages:

smbclient '\\jaap\temp' -Tx backup.tar
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Server time is Mon Aug 24 11:40:36 1998
Timezone is UTC+2.0
Updating creation date on \W95_4\
ERRDOS - 50 setting attributes on file \\W95_4\
Could not set time on file: \\W95_4\

Has this anything to do with running a French OS on the PC's?
Any ideas?

Jaap van Milgen

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