Problems with smbmount

Igor Colovic cigor at EUnet.yu
Sun Aug 23 10:04:31 GMT 1998

I have a problem. When I mount my CD (witch is on WIN97 machine) using
smbmount I do not see all files in all dirs. If dir have more then, let say,
100 files (it is not the same every time), I do not see all files.

This is a problem because on my Linux box I do not have CD-ROM, so if I have
to install some packages I first have to copy rpm files on disk, and then
install them witch is annoying. What is the problem here.

I am not posting smb.conf because I think that problem is not there, but in
win settings.

Thanks for your help.
Regards to You all from
Igor Colovic
Europe, Yugoslavia, Belgrade
cigor at EUnet.yu
DeplhiPro at
ICQ# 16921517

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