WINS server usage

hyyper at hyyper at
Fri Aug 21 23:06:22 GMT 1998

I have a class C address space divided into 3 subnets. I have a
Samba server on each subnet and all 3 subnets are under the same
Domain/Workgroup. My browsing works fine. But when the frame relay
between the subnets goes down, the 2 subnets that don't have the WINS 
server local cant find their local Samba server. 

Do I need to have a WINS server on each subnet to keep this
from happening? Is it OK to do that?

How else can I tell the Win95 workstations how to find the local server?

Should I not be using WINS at all?

Thanks for any replies.
Michael Derousselle
E-Mail: hyyper at
Date: 21-Aug-98
Time: 17:26:53

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