SAMBA & Peatchtree Accounting

Gabriel Velasquez gabrielv at
Fri Aug 21 09:20:07 GMT 1998

I recently installed a server running Red Hat 5.0 and samba 1.9.17.  The
company purchased PeatchTree Accounting and set it up as a Network
install.  I have not been able to get it to run with multiple users.
The users are able to use Peachtree but with in a few minutes all the
files get corrupted.  I set it up as a peer-to-peer between two Win95
PC's and it works fine.

Can anyone give me any recommendations as to how the share should be
configured?  This seems to be a file locking problem.  Will I have the
same problem with a Access?

Please help!!

Gabriel Velasquez
gabrielv at

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