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Fri Aug 21 14:05:15 GMT 1998

--On Friday, August 21, 1998, 11:39 AM +0000 Dirk De Wachter
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> Dear Clifford Green, you wrote:
>> While looking further into our load problems with Samba, and
>> specifically with logins, I bumped up our debug level to 10.
>> This has me really worried:  in log.smb, I now see that *every
>> other* chdir logged is to *my* home directory.  Why?  It's not in
>> the source, that I can see.  It's not in smb.conf or in our logon
>> script.  It looks like each and every user that logs on "passes
>> through" my home directory!  This can't be right.
> On HPUX, the place where the daemon (either smbd or inetd) is started 
> is the "root" directory where samba chdirs to at start and coming 
> back from a share.

Right.  This was pointed out to me a few time <blush>, and I've already
stopped and restarted from /tmp.  My anxiety attack has evaporated.

Thanks to all who pointed this out.

On the other hand, we still have the load problems...  On the other,
other hand, it may well be that Pine is causing our load to shoot up,
and Samba is just very sensitive to it (ie, with 60+ users, 35+ using
Pine, the 5-8 smbd sessions slow down to nearly unusable, and new
logins often fail).


Cliff Green
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