Why do some NT machines fail to find a path to host

Christoph Doerbeck doerbeck at dma.isg.mot.com
Thu Aug 20 14:38:08 GMT 1998

I have 3 main SAMBA servers serving 3 different development communities
here at work.  All three servers are on a 100MB full duplex switched hub,
server a few hundred NT pc's.

On one server, I use a netbios alias in addition to the machine name
becuase I was hoping to solely rely on a different netbios name for
the samba server (so I could move it to another server in the future
and not have to reconfigure all the user profiles).

However, I often run into a NT box which cannot find a path to the aliased
name, whereas it can find the true machine name.  Note please, that both
names appear in the browser list and are selectable as icons.

So, why one and not the other?  Something to do with WINS, or SAMBA
remote announcing to 150.???.???.255/NTDOMAIN.  Should I spread the
remote announce out further to  What does
remote announce do?  Why is my hair turning grey?  Will my car survive
another winter?  What does it mean if Bill Gates weighs the same as
a duck?

- Christoph

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