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Alan Angulo alan at
Thu Aug 20 14:30:39 GMT 1998

Thanks to Nate Partenheimer <npartenh at>
I will try this.

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Partenheimer Nate wrote:

> > Problem:
> > --------
> >    Maintaining two password databases for 6000 accounts
> >
> Dave,
> This may or may not be something you want to consider...
> We have been trying to give users one username and password which will
> work for our NT domain and our Unix servers (using NIS).  We intend to use
> samba so that users who work on a pc or a Mac (via Dave) can access their
> unix home directories.  On the other hand we don't want to make samba the
> domain controller.  We pointed samba to the NT server for authentication
> to ensure that users could browse to their files without being asked for
> another password because the NT logon and Samba authentication both use
> the NT information.  To make the unix logon seem to be identical we found
> a product called SyNTUnix ( which will synchronise
> NT and Unix passwords.  It uses encryption and allows us to change
> passwords any which way we like, whether the user changes it or an
> administrator does with usrmgr.exe or something.  It always synchronises.
> It is licensed per server (so you will need at least 2 copies, one for a
> unix and one for NT) but seems to work quite well unless you happen to be
> using Sun/Solaris 2.5.1, in which case I would ask them about it.  It
> seems to work fine with 2.6 however.
> So...after all that babble the main point is, you can can keep your
> current setup and let the password tables maintain would
> be like administrating one database.
> Let me know if anything is unclear or if you have questions regarding this
> solution.  Hope it helps..
> Nate Partenheimer
> Information Resources
> Butler University
> npartenh at

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