Users Become Nobody

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Thu Aug 20 13:54:10 GMT 1998

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> Hello
> We recently upgraded samba on our UNIX to version 1.9.18p1 partly
> because sometimes users would become NOBODY rather than their username
> and this was screwing up the permissions of the files they save or try to
> read. 
> But this version is doing it too. It seems to be random. Every so often
> Ill run smbstatus and have a look and a handfull of users are logged on
> as NOBODY. 

Interesting. I remeber, that every now and then I could not access my drives on SAMBA 1.9.18p8. I must admit I didn't check user id in this case. 
After disconnecting and reconnecting again using Explorer I got normal permissions again. It sounds very close to the above problem. SAMBA was running with user level security. Currently I am running with server level security and so far have not seen this problem again.  The client is WInNT4.0SP3. But I have reinstalled it since then and added the latest post-SP3 hotfixes. Some of them are related to security, so I am not sure, if it is SAMBA or NT problem.


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