Amanda + SAMBA 1.9.18p8 => useless backup

Ron ronbarak at
Thu Aug 20 06:06:34 GMT 1998

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Ronny Blomme <Ronny.Blomme at> writes:
> > The default configuration for smbclient in samba-1.9.18p8 is to send

Is the above problem in Samba Version 1.9.18p4 also ?


> > verbose output to stdout. The output sent to tape is a mix of this
> > verbose output and the tar-file => corrupt tar file on tape
> The attached patch for SAMBA fixes this problem, preventing log
> messages from being printed to stdout if the tar-file is written to
> stdout...
> Anyone using Amanda to back up MS-Windows shares with SAMBA should
> apply this patch in the SAMBA sources and rebuild it, otherwise the
> backups will be useless!  Then, force Amanda to run full backups, so
> as to ensure that you have usable backups as soon as possible.
> Thanks to Ronny Blomme for having investigated the problem and
> suggesting a solution.
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