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Alan Angulo alan at
Wed Aug 19 15:29:44 GMT 1998

Current system:
1- I have one PDC NT server (NTPDC1) with its own domain (STUDENT_DOMAIN). 
   NTPDC1 is the server containing NT apps needed by students. They access
   these apps via UNC or via drive: (i.e. net use H: \\NTPDC1\apps)
2- The students NT profiles are setup so they automatically connect to
   their home directories in Z: at \\jake\%username%. 
3- I have one Unix box running samba (SAMBA01). The students home
   directories via [HOMES] accessed via NFS from other servers.
   Right now the students have to keep their passwords the same (all
   lower/upper cased). 

   Maintaining two password databases for 6000 accounts

I wish there was a way the students can authenticate in one place only.
Can samba solve my problem.

Thanks to David Collier-Brown for his help on the option "security=user"

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> You asked:
> | Can I use samba as a PDC? I am looking for a single authentication
> | point for NT/Windows98/WFW3.11/Unix users.
>   Sure, as long as you mean ``the password/authentication server'',
> not ``a member of an NT authentication domain"". The latter
> functionality is still in development.
>   The first one requires only ``security = user" in the smb.conf file.
> --dave

-- Alan

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