Log Entry: get_smbpwd_entry: malformed password entry

Brian Foster McLean brianm at et.byu.edu
Wed Aug 19 14:29:20 GMT 1998

I am using 18p8 on a number of HP-UX 10.20 systems.  Although everything
seems to be operating [ie nt / 95 clients log in and access shares], my
log files are littered with the following:

get_smbpwd_entry: malformed password entry (uid not number)

I have just recently switched to encrypted passwords to support a number
of new NT boxes that are being installed.  The 95 clients I have still
work the same as they ever have, but access from the NT clients is WAY
slow.  These NT boxes are PII-350, so machine speed shouldn't be a
factor.  I am wondering if the log file error has anything to do with
it...  anyone have any ideas?
Brian McLean					brianm at et.byu.edu
Lab / Systems Administrator			 win95 at et.byu.edu
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Brigham Young University			CB306a	 378-5351

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