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Anthony Ord samba at rollingthunder.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 18 21:42:23 GMT 1998

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 02:12:28 +1000, "Sudarsan Varadan"
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>	I had sent a mail about a week ago regarding a xcopy problem I had.  I am
>trying to copy an image of an nt workstation from an unixware 2.1.3 server
>running samba 1.9.18p8.  Initially the client is a dos client, who connects
>to the unixware server and downloads files using xcopy.  My problem after
>copying a certain number of files xcopy fails with path not found.   On
>further investigation I figured out that this happens if the number of
>characters in the directory structure exceeds 48 characters  i.e xcopy
>c:\aa\a\a\a\aa\a\a\a\a\....... , I never used to have this problem when I
>was using netbeui as my protocol.  Since I changed to samba for my lan
>needs, I have to use the tcp-ip stack.  Can anyone out there please help me
>out with this.  Thanks in advance.

How are you counting the characters in the path? Are you including the
drive letter, colon and backslashes? The reason I ask is that this
almost sounds like an M$DOS problem, though I'm not sure why you
wouldn't encounter it using Netbeui. If I may quote from the Win95
version of scandisk....

folder cannot be opened in MS-DOS mode because its MS-DOS name,
including the names of any folders it is in, is longer than 66

The only workarounds I can see are:

1. Use a win32 app to copy the files (i.e. xcopy32), but this only
works in a DOS box.
2. Use another mapping further up the tree to try and cut down on the
path (similar to 'map root' if you know Novell)

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