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Tue Aug 18 21:42:28 GMT 1998

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998 22:32:42 +1000, Tim.Brennan at wrote:

>Sorry if this is in the docs somewhere, or listed in a faq or two,
>but I haven't gotten that far down in my list of things to do to
>look it up, so I'm asking all of you.
>I did look through the docs included with the distribution, but didn't
>see any reference.
>We are running 1.9.17p2 on Solaris, and occasionally (ok, more than
>occasionally) a user's pc will crash w/o properly releasing the locks
>on any files they have held open.  When the pc finishes rebooting, and
>the user tries to re-open the file, they get it as read only.
>I've tried killing their individual smbd process, but the file still
>shows as being locked.  It seems that only when I kill all smbd processes
>that the file is released.
>Is there a better way to release files after a user's system crashes?

You may wish to look at the 'keep alive' option. If it is set to
something like 30 sec (time your reboots), then it *should* realise
the client is dead halfway through the reboot sequence, and release
all that session's resources ready for the client to log in and claim
them again.

So the theory goes...

>TIA for the help.
>				Tim
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