Windows98 fails with MDB and DBF files on Samba share

marchino at marchino at
Tue Aug 18 16:57:19 GMT 1998

A big hello to the list!

I've installed since two years and since version 1.9.17 a Samba Server on a 
Linux Box running Slakware 3.0 with kernel patched up to 2.0.34. This box runs 
on the same network as a Netware 4.01 server and a NT server. All the clients 
are Windoze95 and, unfortunately, now there are some Windoze98 systems as 
I'm saying unfortunately because up to now everything has worked very well 
and I can say since 1.9.18 also in a very fast and reliable way.
But now we are having many problems that are related to the installation of two 
new Win98 systems. Running an application based on a MDB database and 
ODBC driver causes the system to fail during an update with a write error.
I tried to debug Samba, and as far as I can see it seems that samba tries to 
read some file that isn't opened.
This, I'm sure, appears only with Win98 as the problem has risen just after his 
If anybody need to have samba logfile or configuration file I will be happy to 
send them.
Suggestions are welcome!

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