Inject DOMAIN into nmbd?

Tim Winders twinders at
Mon Aug 17 15:44:01 GMT 1998

My NT WINS server has died.  I am in the process of reinstalling it, but
it needs to join a domain in a remote location.  However, since it was the
WINS server, it can't find the remote domain to join so I can't reinstall
it.  Aaarg!

So, I would like to forget about the whole NT WINS thing and make Samba my
WINS server.  I have added the "WINS Support= yes" to my smb.conf and
removed the "WINS Server = IP address" from the file.

The remote servers are currntly using WINS (pointing to the dead WINS
server).  I can't get get out there to change the IP config on those
machines yet, so I would like to have the old WINS server point to my
Samba machine and have it load a DOMAIN option for that domain (called
STUDENT) but I can't figure out how to do it.  I can add the machines to
the samba lmhosts file and that works, but I don't see how to add the
domain.  Can this be done somehow?  I am kinda stuck right now.

I am running 1.9.19prealpha under Digital Unix, if it matters...

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