User information via samba with security = server

Mcleish,S S.Mcleish at
Mon Aug 17 14:06:20 GMT 1998


I've just installed Samba on a Digital Unix machine to authenticate
users through the NT Network here. I've got this working fine, but I'd
like to be able to get at the information held by the NT servers about
the user as they authenticate, such as the full name, group memberships
and comments. I don't want to access this information as an
administrative user on the NT box, but I want to use it to personalise
an application now set up to use this as an authentication service. I
come from a Unix background, and know next to nothing about Windows

Can anyone help me with this? I guess that if it can't easily be done
with Samba, I'll need to do some work with rpc, but I don't really look
forward to this.


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