Browsing via Win95 ppp

Tony N tonynich at
Mon Aug 17 07:33:04 GMT 1998

While there is a lot about the above subject in the archives as well as 
FAQ's etc, I just can't seem to get this working. Our setup is a SCO 5 
box running SAMBA 1.9.8p8 (the latest)on a network using a single domain 
and about 50 Win95 clients; and several remote Windows 95 clients which 
dial in using "dial up networking". Using explicit addresses, the remote 
clients can use use shared drives: so far so good. But I can't get the 
browsing working. I have not (yet) set up a WINS server: is that the 
problem; or can I get away with LMHOSTS set up correctly? Each client 
has a private line, so will present a consistant IP number depending on 
who they are. Oh, and if I put them in the server LMHOSTS, the SMBCLIENT 
-d2 HostSharename does return the correct share information.


Many Thanks,
Tony Nichols
Bedford Industries,
South Australia

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