WINS and ppp.

eleet at eleet at
Mon Aug 17 00:39:14 GMT 1998

Another not totally unrelated problem.

I have a win95 client on a local net with a linux box
serving it through samba. This win95 client should dial
a NT box up every once in a while to access a database
through odbc, and even though it connects and authenticates,
setting the correct routes, it doesn't actually see the
NT server's workgroup.

Is this a WINS problem? Shouldn't the client see the NT
server if the default route points to the NT subnet?
Even if I access the server name directly it fails to connect.

I have nothing in the 'log on to NT domain' page in the win95
network cpl, and I'm assuming once I find the server it
will request the client to authenticate. Or is browsing the
actual workgroup only permitted after logging in to the


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