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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Fri Aug 14 20:11:21 GMT 1998

Howdy folks:

Please (I beg you, please!) don't follow the examples of a couple 
of recent posters.  This is very bad form.  If you want to get off 
the list, please don't send send a message to the list begging 
other readers to help (they can't).  Only you can help stamp out 
forest fires (or get yourself off this list).  At the top of every 
message from the list is a URL that can help you with list commands:

or you can try sending a help message to the listproc software:

For information on this service and how to use it, send the 
following request in the body of a mail message to 
listproc at


All requests should be addressed to listproc at

Second rule of etiquette:

Please don't send HTML or M$ RichText crap in your list messages 
(or most people will simply ignore them).  Email is defined by an 
RFC standards document as strictly ascii text (no matter what 
microsloth decides it should be).  Even though HTML meets the 
definition of ascii text, most mail readers in use today 
(especially character mode/console apps like pine) cannot render 
HTML.  Even though my windoze mailer (Pegasus 3.01) can do it, the 
mailing list digest still makes it show up as straight text.

If you don't know how to turn that RichCrap off, see the win95 
annoyances page:

Thank you for your attention.  We now return you to your regularly 
scheduled programming.

Stephen L Arnold                             sarnold at
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