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> From: "Mark Hazen" <mhazen at>
> Subject: Re: Network Neighborhood comment fields and Samba
> >From: "Paul L. Lussier" <plussier at BayNetworks.COM>
> >Subject: Network Neighborhood comment fields and Samba
> >
> >The problem I'm encountering is that the only comment I see is that of 
> the >what is listed in the main smb.conf file:
> Have you tried commenting that string out in your smb.conf file, and 
> letting the string be set first in the individual configs? That'd be my 
> first suggestion. My guess is also (just guessing) that either the 
> included file is getting parsed before the line in the smb.conf file, or 
> SAMBA is intentionally ignoring recurring comments.

I thought the comment was advertised by nmbd as part of the browse list, 
so you wouldn't know what name was being used because no connection was 

On another note regarding this feature, I tried it yesterday but hit a 
snag... the name seems to be case-sensitive, so it depends on whether the 
user does '\\vimes', '\\Vimes' or '\\VIMES'.

Since the UNIX filesystem is case-sensitive, doing 'include = 
smb.conf.%L' fails if the case is not just right.

Is there a way round this, or do we need a '%l' (or something) which 
converts the server name to lower-case?

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