Files not copying across Samba

Anthony Farrow a.n.farrow at
Fri Aug 14 08:25:41 GMT 1998

I am having a problem with a single user on our Samba system. We are
running Samba on a DEC UNIX system that holds all user data. When this
user connects from NT all seems well and the user is able to manipulate
small files. Any file over about 2Mb ,though, reports file locked or
disk full errors (neither of which appear to be true).

I have checked the log and the error I get is "request_oplock_break : no
response recieved to oplock break request to .........."

So far this is the only user on a 7,000 user system that has logged any

Any ideas?

We are using a very basic smb.conf, which I can post if 

Lucian Morris
l.morris at

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