DNS instead of WINS

Steve Arntzen sjarntzen at esi-il.com
Thu Aug 13 21:51:38 GMT 1998

I have not found any Samba documentation explaining using
DNS for name resolution.  We are running a name server on
the network which was set up for several reasons.

I find our DNS server is faster, more reliable and doesn't
generate mangled machine names like our NT WINS server,
which can't be edited. This doesn't happen with DNS since
the names are all entered statically. We have seen better
performance with internal lookups as well as the benefit
of having our own DNS server for internet lookups. It also
gives me a central place for editable machine name lists.

How though, do I set up Samba to default to DNS for name
resolution? I have used "name resolve order = host bcast"
assuming once the host file is checked, DNS is checked
next.  I just don't see a clear description of what is
really happening.

I would like to move completely to DNS and not use WINS
at all (I have read that Microsoft plans to do this also).

Thanks in advance.

Steve Arntzen
Computer Systems Administrator
Engineering Systems Inc.

sjarntzen at esi-il.com

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