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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Aug 13 18:00:52 GMT 1998

> Can shares be public on a server with user level security, i.e., no
> login required whatsoever?

Yes.  See

This a readme for a patching system I created.  Should contain the 
information you need though.  Here's the excerpt

3.  Setting up a GUEST SMB server using Samba
The file server used at the College of Engineering is a Sun Ultra 170
running Solaris 2.5.1.  The following instructions will provide
information for setting up Samba for guest access.  I will assume some
basic knowledge of setting up Samba and will therefore not go into all
the gory details.
More infomation on Samba can be found at

For reasons that are too lengthly to go into here, it is recommended
that the guest SMB server be separate than one providing validated
access to shares.
- Following the instructions found with the Samba distribution for
  editing the Makefile in order to compile the software.  You cannot
  use precompiled versions because of a change that will need to be
  made in "source/local.h"
- Edit the local.h file in the source directory and search for
       #define GUEST_SESSTUP 0
  Change the defined value to 2.  This will have the effect of
  making smbd validate users with and invalid password as the
  guest account specified in smb.conf.
  - Create your smb.conf as normal  ****ATTENTION**** Be forewarned
  that you should only put files that have been designated as public
  access in the shares you defined.  For shares that require user
  validation, setup a second server.
- Install smbd & nmbd binaries and start Samba.
Assuming you have a share defined named [temp], you should be able
to perform the following command on an Windows 9x/NT machine
     dir \\GUESTSERVER\temp
and get some valid output. 


Hope this helps,

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