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graham.dodd at graham.dodd at
Thu Aug 13 12:39:59 GMT 1998

I've been introducing a local company to the benefits of Linux and Samba,
things have been going really well until I tried to provide some file
sharing for 3 people on the Lan.

Setup:	RH 5.0 on a P5-133 running a small intranet with DHCP, file server,
and local / remote mail services
	Samba 1.9.18 (not sure of patch level)

I setup a directory accessible by only 3 users and copied a 2.4Meg .dbf file
into the mapped directory, this only took a few seconds.

I tried to open the .dbf file using Excel97 from a users PC, it took > 5
Sharing a Win95 folder containing the same file, and opening it from another
users PC took around 15 seconds........

The server load is very light, it's not swapping or disk thrashing and no
other users were using Samba during these tests.

Why do I have really poor performance using Samba???

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas


Graham K Dodd
Network Systems Analyst
DSN: 480-5670 / 5233
Fax : 480-2332
Email: Graham.Dodd at

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