security=server and need to have users at linux too

Bill Eldridge bill at
Thu Aug 13 11:18:20 GMT 1998

Depending on the concerns for adding 200 users on the
Linux box:

1) You can have every user authenticate via the NT box
using PAM_SMB, and in /etc/pam.d figure out which
services they can access this way (i.e. yes to IMAP/mail,
no to shell login, etc.)

2) You can make a "/bin/false" as the shell in the passwd
file to prevent any logins, and make the homes /dev/null
if you don't want to take up disk space.

3) If the issue is just time to set up 200 accounts, you have
a file "UserList" with all the user names and do:

for i in `cat UserList`; do
   adduser -g somegroup -d /home/$i -p '*' -s /bin/zsh  $i

(The * password assumes you're using PAM_SMB).

4) If the issue is just how to allow NT users without setting
up any Linux accounts, I'm not sure this can be done.

Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
bill at

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