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Matthew Chapman z2232203 at
Thu Aug 13 02:11:59 GMT 1998

There is a bug in the Microsoft LanManger implementation which mismaps
long filenames for 16-bit applications - thus 16-bit apps run from
long path names on networked shares will often fail. Try sharing the
apps from the same pathname on a Win95 client and running them under
NT - I suspect the same thing will happen. Workaround: don't use long


> > I have a strange situation.  I have a Linux machine running samba
> > 1.9.18p8, serving a mix of NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95 clients.
> In
> > general, things have worked flawlessly, with one exception: none of the
> > clients are able to execute programs stored on these shares.  Full
> reading
> > and writing to the shares is possible; and even though I cannot see how
> it
> > would be relevant, the execute bits are set to all files.  I can provide
> > needed portions of my smb.conf file as needed.  Any suggestions or
> > comments are most welcome.
> I have noticed it can depend on the share name or maybe the name of
> the directory it is in
> For example I have the two following shares...
> 1.) General
> 2.) StaffShare
>         folders under this share have names like
>         Alex_Ardalich
> If I put an app in 'Alex_Ardalich' I get something like a file not
> found errors.
> An app in a folder under the General share runs fine.
> Alex

Matt Chapman
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