Failure to execute programs from a mapped drive

Mark Hazen mhazen at
Thu Aug 13 02:01:22 GMT 1998

>If I put an app in 'Alex_Ardalich' I get something like a file not
>found errors.
>An app in a folder under the General share runs fine.

Most likely to do with the way that Win95 tries to access directories.
Rename your directories to all lower case, and my guess is you'll resolve
the problem. You can force lowercase names (this has been our solution here)
or you can also set SAMBA to check for multiple capitalizations. The problem
is really that to Windows95,  the names "Folder", "folder", "fOLDER" and
"FoLdEr" are all treated the same way (they are requested as as 'folder', if
I recall correctly), while these are all different to Unix.

Anytime anyone tells you Windows98 is the wave of the future, just remind
them that it can't even tell the difference between upper and lower case.


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