Samba and authentication

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Wed Aug 12 10:56:08 GMT 1998

Kunze, Axel (Fa. SUN) wrote:
> Hello dear list-members !
> Scenario:
> Security is set to server and points to our NT DC's in the domain
> a) User A has an account in the Domain and request a share, he will be
> authenticated against the NT DC'S, this is ok ....
> b) User B has NO account in the Domain and requests a share, he will be
> rejected by the DC's
> One short question:
> Is it possible for samba to fallback to a UNIX account (smbpasswd) for
> USER B ?

One very vague idea is to use substitution. E.g. put something like

  include = /usr/local/lib/smb.auth/%S

in global section, and put

  security = user

in these files for non-NT users. It *may* even be possible to use

  security = server
  include = ...

so, that the second will override the first if include file exists. You
will have to do it for every user.


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