Samba and authentication

Kunze, Axel (Fa. SUN) Axel.Kunze at
Wed Aug 12 09:57:00 GMT 1998

Hello dear list-members !

Security is set to server and points to our NT DC's in the domain

a) User A has an account in the Domain and request a share, he will be
authenticated against the NT DC'S, this is ok ....
b) User B has NO account in the Domain and requests a share, he will be
rejected by the DC's

One short question:

Is it possible for samba to fallback to a UNIX account (smbpasswd) for

This question results out of a problem we have in our environment: we
have users migrated in another non-trusted NT Domain which should access
their old files on our Domain ... if there is someone who has another
idea to solve this problem please tell me ...

Regards from Germany

Axel Kunze

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