win98 and samba servers

Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F martin.langsteiner at
Wed Aug 12 08:22:28 GMT 1998

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Mahmut Vural ERKOC wrote:

> I am trying to access a directory which is password protected for a
> username in /etc/passwd and shadow. Win 95 has no problems acessing
> directories using windows logon name as name and asking passwd for the
> directory for that user name. When I upgraded to win 98, the
> became inaccesible. I checked log.<machine> and found that win 98 is
> trying to access to those directories as user guest neglecting
> i've written to windows logon. I am not using any windows NT for
> ...


does your Samba server accept encrypted passwords? I don't know very
much about Win98, but it seems to me that this is the problem (see Samba
digest 1692/1693, May 1998).
Win95 sends plain passwords to the server (not encrypted), by default,
wereas Win98 encrypts them, by default.

That directory is shared with an option "public = yes" or "guest ok", I
suppose. Is that correct?
As Win98 cannot connect with the username you supply,  it tries to
connect with the guest account.

I warmly recommend switching Samba to support NT/LANMAN encrypted
passwords. If you'd like to do this, follow the instructions in
ENCRYPTION.txt in the Samba documentation. I did so, and it works
You may also obtain ENCRYPTION.txt from .


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