NT4 performance in Netware primary login. >

Peter de Groot pdgtech at wantree.com.au
Wed Aug 12 00:27:38 GMT 1998

Sorry, but I am not sure what you are asking.  If you
are asking if there is a definite pause after the file
has been copied, then NO.  The slowdown seems linear,
regardless of file size.
i.e. I do not get a 10 second pause after a tiny
file has been copied.

I do not think that there is anything unusual about the 
client setup, except that we are running every protocol
and client known to man on the PCs :-)

>From memory, I did fiddle with the networking settings,
in that I restricted IPX to the Netware client and 
TCP(WINS) to the Microsoft client.  This did not seem to
make any difference.

The only thing on the list that could possibly be
related, is the W98 performance thingy.  Could it
be ??



David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Peter de Groot wrote:
> > Copying a  5 Mbyte file from \\samba_server to c:\temp
> > takes approx 10 secs on a W95 box and over 3 MINUTES on the
> > "hot" NT machine... Mmmmmm......
>         Oy veh!
>         Is a large files transferred in 20 seconds and 20
>         minutes, or 20 seconds and 10 1/6 minutes?
>         (that's the kind of thing I was asking about)
>         I don't see this problem appearing a lot
>         in the list... is there anything unusual about
>         your systems?
> --dave
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