Samba and the PDC are fighting for being the Browse master, why?

Christopher Kranz clk at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 11 22:12:58 GMT 1998

Andre Albsmeier wrote:
> in my log.nmb I regularly see these messages:
[log messages deleted]
> and so on. Every 12 minutes these two are starting to fight for being the LMB.
> FAURE is the samba machine and GUTENGERG is the PDC (NT-Server). For various
> reasons, I want the samba machine to be the local master browser (and the
> domain master browser) so I have:
>  domain master          = yes
>  local master           = yes
>  preferred master       = yes
>  os level               = 65
> in my config file. Does anyone know what I can do on the PDC to stop
> this behaviour?

The strange thing about this is I'm seeing the same problem (1.9.18p8)
with the following conf lines:

	domain master    = no
	local master     = yes
	preferred master = no
	os level         = 30

I then see the same log messages over and over again, the samba server
and my NT 4.0 PDC fighting over who is the local browse master.  If I
set 'local master = no' my samba server then disappears from the browse

So next I tried 'local master = yes' and 'os level = 0' in an attempt to
keep samba from winning the elections.  This did get the samba server
back on the browse list but I continue to see the log messages about the
elections.  I did not see this problem with 1.9.17 and it only started
with 1.9.18p7.

I believe the PDC *has* to be the domain master and it *really* wants to
be the local master as well.  That's fine with me.  How do I get samba
to let the PDC be the local master and not be dropped from the browse
list?  I have 'wins support = no' and 'wins server' set to the IP
address of my PDC.  In the past that has been enough for the samba
server to appear in the browse list.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Does anyone have any ideas as how
to proceed?

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