Samba and the PDC are fighting for being the Browse master, why?

Andre Albsmeier andre.albsmeier at
Tue Aug 11 14:51:57 GMT 1998

> > and so on. Every 12 minutes these two are starting to fight for being 
> > the LMB.  FAURE is the samba machine and GUTENGERG is the PDC 
> > (NT-Server). For various reasons, I want the samba machine to be the 
> > local master browser (and the domain master browser) so I have:
> > 
> >  domain master          = yes
> >  local master           = yes
> >  preferred master       = yes
> >  os level               = 65
> > 
> > in my config file. Does anyone know what I can do on the PDC to stop
> > this behaviour?
> An NT PDC **must** be the Domain master browser for it's domain.  No way
> around this.

No, he needn't. If I look at my wins.dat I find:

"PIEZO#1b" 903043736 44R 

PIEZO is the domain in question and is the samba machine (FAURE).
And 1b is the code for the DMB.

And the DMB works well; the thing what bugs me, is the fight for the local
master browser.

To summarize: The samba machine is the DMB, this is ok. The samba machine is
also the LMB but every 12 minutes the PDC wants to become LMB, fghts with
the samba machine and loses 20 seconds later.


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