Samba and the PDC are fighting for being the Browse master, why?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Aug 11 13:08:48 GMT 1998

> and so on. Every 12 minutes these two are starting to fight for being 
> the LMB.  FAURE is the samba machine and GUTENGERG is the PDC 
> (NT-Server). For various reasons, I want the samba machine to be the 
> local master browser (and the domain master browser) so I have:
>  domain master          = yes
>  local master           = yes
>  preferred master       = yes
>  os level               = 65
> in my config file. Does anyone know what I can do on the PDC to stop
> this behaviour?

An NT PDC **must** be the Domain master browser for it's domain.  No way
around this.

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