NT4 performance in Netware primary login. >

Peter de Groot pdgtech at wantree.com.au
Tue Aug 11 03:41:14 GMT 1998

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> You wrote:
> | Samba performance from NT 4 machines is VERY slow.
> | Many orders of magnitude slower than W95 which is
> | very good.
>         Hmmn: I wonder if theere is a wait-and-timeout
>         cycle on NT that isn't on W95???
>         Do a copy of a really tiny file: it it takes
>                 a long time
>                 about the same time as a typical-size file
>         then something on the NT client side is acting up:
>         there are known problems with binding netbios which
>         cause similar symptoms...

Sorry about the delay.  I tried copying a number of files, from
a couple of bytes to 5.xx Mbyte.  I did not notice any appreciable
delay on the tiny one.  Rather it was copied as fast as I could
move the mouse.

To give some numbers on the speed difference ......

Copying a  5 Mbyte file from \\samba_server to c:\temp
takes approx 10 secs on a W95 box and over 3 MINUTES on the 
"hot" NT machine... Mmmmmm......



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