Multiple responses error

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Mon Aug 10 21:15:06 GMT 1998

Hi all,
	sorry to post this, I searched the archives and found some
articles on this but couldn't really find an answer.  I've got a few samba
1.9.18p8 machines in my NT domain.  I am getting large amounts of the
following message on the samba boxes:

Aug 10 16:57:30 machine-name nmbd[15601]: query_name_response: Multiple
(2) responses received for a query on subnet machine's.ip.address for name
DOMAIN<1d>. This response was from IP primary.domain.controller

Where the query on " " is always the ip of the machine I'm reading the log
on, and the response is always from my PDC, which I would expect since its
the domain master browser.  The platform is linux 2.0.34 if that matters.



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