ACSII vs BINARY transfers...

The Hermit Hacker scrappy at
Mon Aug 10 14:36:43 GMT 1998


	At work, I just recently convinced the "higher ups" to use
Samba+Solaris+Sparc as a platform to run departmental and student WWW

	Basically, they have their personal WWW directory on the Unix
server map'd to their Win95 machine and can manipulate it directly instead
of having to use FTP for it, which isn't allowed on that machine.

	The problem is that if they transfer a cgi over (perl) through the
mappng, it doesn't make the CRLF->LF(?) conversion that would be made if
they used an ACSII FTP transfer...not good, since it causes the cgi to
then proceed to fail.

	I just took a quick look through my smb.conf man page, to see if
there was an option I'm missing, and I can't find anything there.

	The other thing is, permissions.  I can technically set everything
to be 755, but is there any way of having the user set those permissions,
again, without having to go through an ftp session?  Basically, would like
to have the cgi set to 755, but "regular files" set to just 644...


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