Samba Installation

Courtney Thomas ccthomas at
Fri Aug 7 20:39:37 GMT 1998

Greetings !

First of all let me thank you for making Samba available.

I am running Samba-1.9.16p11 on RedHat4.2 Linux.

This is because the only Samba binary I could find that would run on
SCO3.2v4.2, which is also on my LAN, was 1.9.16p11 and that same version
was distributed with the RedHat. Linbox & Scobox are doing fine, so I
don't want to get into any upgrade question until I resolve the problem
which follows: 

	Samba-1.9.17p2 is installed on FreeBSD2.2.5 [the included distribution]
and I can .......
	smbclient -L Scobox,		; from Bsdbox
	smbclient \\\\scobox\\share	; from Bsdbox
	smbclient -L Linbox		; from Bsdbox
	smbclient \\\\linbox\\share	; from Bsdbox
without a problem. 

Also, all pings well.

But, when I.......
	smbclient -L Bsdbox	;	from the Bsdbox
I get............
	Your server software is being unfriendly	
	; which I resolved on Linbox & Scobox
	lp_servicenumber:	couldn't find homes
	lp_servicenumber:	couldn't find printers

I have read all 70 odd pages of the smb.conf docs that came with the 
Bsdbox, consulted dejanews, smb.protocol.misc and done miscellaneous web
searches trying to get a handle on this. I failed.

Help would be enthusiastically received.

Gratitude to all,

	ccthomas at

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