SAMBA digest 1771 (printing problems)

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Fri Aug 7 04:09:13 GMT 1998

I don't know who this addressed to because for some reason your email
address didn't come across, hopefully you are watching the list.

I can't see anything glaringly wrong with your configuration, so you are
going to need to do some detective work.

You need to track what is happening. First thing to do is just to stop
the print queue using lpc. i.e.

lpc stop lp

Then print your file and see if it lands in the queue (lpq -Plp). If it
does then check the file in /var/spool/lpd/lp (it will be in file
beginning with df). How does it compare with the file you ftp'd over and
printed? You will then have to try and find out why lpd is screwing ip.

However I think it more likely that it doesn't make it to the queue and
you do indeed have a samba problem. Up the debugging level on smbd
(either kill it and restart it with smbd -D -d9) or edit your smb
startup file. In the log (/var/log/samba-log.???), there should be
detail about what is happening. Start by searching for lpr in there. See
if there are any errors. You should at least be able to see the
connection between the PC and Samba. If not then there is no connection
happening, in which case I would start looking more closely at the PC.

If you find some errors, maybe these will help you track it down. It may
just be something dumb, like Samba can't find the lpr program, or maybe
its calling another program.

I hope this helps


> Hello everybody!!!
>         First of all I must say that I'm not an English speaker, so this text may sound
> a little extrange. I apollogize.....
> Well, I'm having problems with the SMB printing system. I have spent a lot of time
> (nearly 15 hours and a houndred of configurations) in it but I could not use it as
> a printing server.
> System Configuration:
> One LAN with two machines. (2 meter between them)
> The Server:
> Linux box running RedHat 5.0 (Pentium II at 266 MHz. with 64 Mb of RAM)
>         Samba version 1.9.17p4 that came with RedHat distribution.
>         Lan connection running OK. (telnet server ,ftp server ,etc.)
> The Client:
> WfW 3.11 box (486 DX2 at 66 MHz. with 8 Mb of RAM)
>         Lan connection running OK. (telnet, ftp, etc)
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